Reporting on the future of integrative structural biology ORAU workshop

Hugo Sanabria
2020 Frontiers in Bioscience  
Introduction 3. Challenges in integrative structural biology 4. Summary of speaker presentations 4.1. Electron Microscopy 4.2. Fluorescence microscopy imaging 4.3. Label-based methods 4.4. X-ray crystallography 4.5. Computational methods 4.6. Data archiving 5. Roundtable discussions 5.1. Data integration and representations 5.2. Time evolution and biological networks 5.3. The future ahead 6. A Path forward: the "virtual cell" 7. Give tangible form to the ultimate goal of structural biology 8. Acknowledgments 9. References
doi:10.2741/4794 fatcat:hift52lhbzahdfevdzqjbdndge