Simulation Optimization Approach to Solve a Complex Multi-objective Redundancy Allocation Problem [chapter]

Carlos Henrique Mariano, Carlo Alessandro Zanetti Pece
2015 Applied Simulation and Optimization  
This chapter addresses the problem of redundancy and reliability allocation in the operational dimensioning of an automated production system. The aim of this research is to improve the global reliability of the system by allocating alternative components (redundancies) that are associated in parallel with each original component. By considering a complex componential approach that simultaneously evaluates the interrelations among subsystems, conflicting goals, and variables of different
more » ... , a solution for the problem is proposed through a multi-objective formulation that joins a multi-objective elitist genetic algorithm with a high-level simulation environment also known as simulation optimization (SIMO) framework.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-15033-8_2 fatcat:db253uznnffqhbplezheqjt23a