Serum adiponectin and insulin secretion: A direct or inverse association?

Akinobu Nakamura, Hideaki Miyoshi, Shigekazu Ukawa, Koshi Nakamura, Takafumi Nakagawa, Yasuo Terauchi, Akiko Tamakoshi, Tatsuya Atsumi
2018 Journal of Diabetes Investigation  
We investigated the association between serum high molecular weight (HMW) adiponectin and insulin secretion in a population-based study, with or without adjustment for insulin sensitivity. A total of 488 participants (263 women) were included in the present study. Insulin secretion was estimated using the homeostasis model assessment of β-cell function ± adjustment for insulin resistance using the disposition index. Multivariate analysis showed that HMW adiponectin was significantly and
more » ... y associated with homeostasis model assessment of β-cell function (partial regression coefficient -0.19, 95% confidence interval -0.28, -0.10, P < 0.0001). However, HMW adiponectin was significantly and positively associated with disposition index (partial regression coefficient 0.15, 95% confidence interval 0.06, 0.24, P = 0.0016). The present study showed that a positive association between HMW adiponectin levels and insulin secretion evaluated using an index incorporating adjustment for insulin resistance was identified, and vice versa using an index that did not adjust for insulin resistance.
doi:10.1111/jdi.12821 pmid:29451743 pmcid:PMC6123038 fatcat:n27j6fomjjeorgj57zxu6zkb64