Thermodynamics Study on the Decay Properties of Reversed Domains in LiNbO3 Single Crystals

Li Lb, Li Gl, Lu Xm, Zhu Js
2017 Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences   unpublished
Research Article Theoretical Development As shown in Figure 1 , the reversed domain is surrounded by a cylinder LiNbO 3 crystal with radius R (an adjustable parameter) ABSTRACT The decay properties of reversed domains fabricated by scanning probe microscopy fixed-point poling in LiNbO3 single crystals are simulated by a modified dynamic Ginzburg-Landau equation based on a simple model. The depolarization field is equivalently acted by the coercive field of ferroelectrics. The penetrated domain
more » ... ith a small coercive field is stable and has a long lifetime. The non-penetrated domain with maximum coercive field may ultimately experience a metastable state and disappears. Our theoretical results well agree with known experiments. We predict that the non-penetrated domain lifetime decreases with increased temperature.