Development of a sensitive setup for laser spectroscopy studies of very exotic calcium isotopes

R F Garcia Ruiz, C Gorges, M Bissell, K Blaum, W Gins, H Heylen, K Koenig, S Kaufmann, M Kowalska, J Krämer, P Lievens, S Malbrunot-Ettenauer (+5 others)
2017 Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics  
Isotope shift of 40,42,44,48Ca in the 4s 2S1/2 4p 2P3/2 transition C Gorges, K Blaum, N Frömmgen et al. -Recent citations Precision Laser Spectroscopy Technique for Exotic Radioactive Beams at CERN-ISOLDE Xiaofei Yang and the COLLAPS and CRIS collaboration -This content was downloaded from IP address on 28/07Abstract An experimental setup for sensitive high-resolution measurements of hyperfine structure spectra of exotic calcium isotopes has been developed and commissioned at the
more » ... COLLAPS beam line at ISOLDE, CERN. The technique is based on the radioactive detection of decaying isotopes after optical pumping and state selective neutralization (ROC) (Vermeeren et al 1992 Phys. Rev. Lett. 68 1679). The improvements and developments necessary to extend the applicability of the experimental technique to calcium isotopes produced at rates as low as few ions s -1 are discussed. Numerical calculations of laser-ion interaction and ion-beam simulations were explored to obtain the optimum performance of the experimental setup. Among the implemented features are a multi-step optical pumping region for sensitive measurements of isotopes with hyperfine splitting, a high-voltage platform for adequate control of low-energy ion beams and simultaneous β-detection of neutralized and remaining ions.
doi:10.1088/1361-6471/aa5a24 fatcat:udtkok3dkjf2zcs3vi6u4qs6ii