1893 The Lancet  
796 MmLAND MWDICAL SOCIETY. viclcrcd (1) t,lie relation of 1,]B0 nervous sYH1.cm to Uw oondit,iol1 under consideration ; (2) the conditions of heart itl'clf as to (a) its meclianical efliciency, ([I) its nutrition, (y) its contents -the quality and quantity of the blood ; (3) the il1 fllIl'flCe of the extra-cardiae vascular system—systemic, volious and pulmonary ; (4) the influence of diaphragmatic and general muscular activity and the retardation of these important functions by obesity; (5)
more » ... by obesity; (5) the itifliieiice of extracorporeal conditions and agents—namely, (a) atmospheric Iii-essure, its diminution and increase, and also the effect of varia-
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(00)64483-5 fatcat:74uhtkshujhvzfv2h4xq5a7g5y