American patents

1857 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
Jtmerican Patents which issued in June, 1857. 237 In long chairs with the rail joint between the ties, two keyed bolts fig. 3 ,) may be used along with the staples at the ends. Another mode (fig. 5,) of securing the chair to the bars and ties, is to take the lengths of angle iron, and instead of notching at the ends, make two notches in the hooked part; the jogs in the ties are made to suit a key made of hard wood passing outside of the vertical flanches of the chair. After this key is driven
more » ... his key is driven tightly in both cross-ties, the chair is held down by the usual hook-headed spikes in the notches, and the key prevented working out. Staples and spikes may be dispensed with, by making the strai(2ht we}) of the chairs to hook under, (fig. 6,) forming a half "dove-lai})"~ ~, +I+c, key driven alongside as before; the key could be prevented w~,d,i~;; uu:~ by a single nail driven in its side. AMERICAN PATENTS.
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(57)90512-4 fatcat:is2ugv6ltzhkne5vlxraxkvs7u