Laser-induced short- and long-range orderings of Co nanoparticles on SiO2

C. Favazza, J. Trice, H. Krishna, R. Kalyanaraman, R. Sureshkumar
2006 Applied Physics Letters  
Laser irradiation of ultrathin Co films leads to pattern formation by dewetting with short-range order ͑SRO͒ as well as long-range order ͑LRO͒. When a 1.5 nm thick Co film is irradiated by a single laser beam, a monomodal size distribution of particles with average diameter of 31± 10 nm and nearest-neighbor spacing of 75 nm is observed. Moreover, melting by two-beam interference irradiation produces LRO as well as SRO giving a quasi-two-dimensional arrangement of nanoparticles. The SRO is
more » ... uted to spinodal dewetting while the LRO is conjectured to be induced by in-plane interfacial tension gradients. Laser-induced dewetting of metals could be a simple technique to fabricate ordered metal nanoarrays.
doi:10.1063/1.2195113 fatcat:vj4tz5oysff3pcwjgh6ke5gu5m