X-ray imaging for detecting lack mould rot of sapota (Achras sapota) fruit

D. Gadgile
2017 Plant Pathology & Quarantine  
Gadgile D, Lande BR, Dhabde AS, Kamble SP 2017 -X-ray imaging for detecting black mould rot of sapota (Achras sapota) fruit. Plant Pathology & Quarantine 7(2), 92-94, Doi 10.5943/ppq/7/2/1 Abstract The detection of black mould rot infection (Aspergillus niger) in post-harvest sapota fruit was demonstrated by a X-ray imaging technique carried out six, seven and eight days post inoculation. It is suggested that X-ray imaging technology for detection of fungal infection may be useful as an imaging-based sapota sorting system.
doi:10.5943/ppq/7/2/1 fatcat:pwllqr3s6behfmj3qplhgo45um