Micromagnetic simulation on the dynamic susceptibility spectra of cobalt nanowires arrays: the effect of magnetostatic interaction

Chen Wen-Bing, Han Man-Gui, Zhou Hao, Ou Yu, Deng Long-Jiang
2010 Chinese Physics B  
Micromagnetic simulations have been performed to obtain the dynamic susceptibility spectra of 4×4 cobalt nanowire arrays with different spatial configurations and geometries. The susceptibility spectra of isolated wires have also been simulated for comparison purposes. It is found that the susceptibility spectrum of nanowire array bears a lot of similarities to that of an isolated wire, such as the occurrences of the edge mode and the bulk resonance mode. The simulation results also reveal that
more » ... the susceptibility spectrum of nanowire array behaves like that of single isolated wire as the interwire distance grows to an extent, which is believed due to the decrease of magnetostatic interaction among nanowires, and can be further confirmed by the static magnetic hysteresis simulations. In comparison with single nanowire, magnetostatic interaction may increase or decrease the resonance frequencies of nanowire arrays assuming a certain interwire distance when the length of array increases. Our simulation results are also analysed by employing the Kittel equation and recent theoretical studies.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/19/8/087502 fatcat:vcyo3uk4kze4zkabi4izazgfoy