Morphology of fine-particle monolayers deposited on nanopatterned substrates

N. A. M. Araújo, A. Cadilhe, Vladimir Privman
2008 Physical Review E  
We study the effect of the presence of a regular substrate pattern on the irreversible adsorption of nanosized and colloid particles. Deposition of disks of radius r_0 is considered, with the allowed regions for their center attachment at the planar surface consisting of square cells arranged in a square lattice pattern. We study the jammed state properties of a generalized version of the random sequential adsorption model for different values of the cell size, a, and cell-cell separation, b.
more » ... e model shows a surprisingly rich behavior in the space of the two dimensionless parameters α=a/2r_0 and β=b/2r_0. Extensive Monte Carlo simulations for system sizes of 500×500 square lattice unit cells were performed by utilizing an efficient algorithm, to characterize the jammed state morphology.
doi:10.1103/physreve.77.031603 pmid:18517391 fatcat:3o7w662rvvgpfn63uyopuycpeu