РЕЧЕВОЙ ЭТИКЕТ В ИНОЯЗЫЧНОМ ДЕЛОВОМ ОБЩЕНИИ Speech etiquette in a foreign language business communication]

Ovchinnikovav, Kulgavyukv, Pavlovan
It is described the experience of teaching business communication to the second year students studying business language. The characteristics of various speech phrases-clichés used in business communication are presented. Special emphasis is given to speech formulas in different situations of business communication, as well as the use of these phrases in accordance with the speech etiquette and taking into account national and cultural speech behavior of a business partner. Notice has been
more » ... to the possible speech situations during business meetings and negotiations. The following situations such as greeting and farewell, gratitude and appreciation, requests and demands, apologies and excuses, compliments and approval are studied here. The article deals with specific instances of business communication training via video. On the basis of video and role-playing games, students are introduced to the business features of speech etiquette.