Construction of Analytical Models for Driving Energy Consumption of Electric Buses through Machine Learning

Kuan-Cheng Lin, Chuan-Neng Lin, Josh Jia-Ching Ying
2020 Applied Sciences  
In recent years, the Taiwan government has been calling for the use of public transportation and has been popularizing pollution-reducing green vehicles. Passenger transport operators are being encouraged to replace traditional buses with electric buses, to increase their use in urban transportation. Reduced energy consumption and operating costs are important operational benefits for passenger transport operators, and driving behavior has a significant impact on fuel consumption. Although many
more » ... tion. Although many literatures or real-world systems have addressed the issues related to reducing energy consumption with electric buses, these works do not involve the records collected from an on-vehicle battery management system (BMS). Accordingly, the results of analyses of existing works lack in-depth discussions, and therefore the applicability of existing works is insignificant. Therefore, in this study, driving data were collected using a battery management system (BMS), and vehicular power consumption was classified according to energy efficiency. Then, decision trees and random forest were applied to construct energy consumption analytical models. Finally, the driving behaviors that influence energy consumption were investigated. A case study was conducted in which a Taichung passenger transport operator's electric bus driving data on urban routes were collected to construct energy consumption analytical models. The data consisted of two parts, i.e., vehicle records and route records. On the basis of these records, we considered the practicability and applicability of the analytical models by transforming the unstructured records into raw data. Passenger transport operators and drivers can leverage the obtained eco-driving indicators for different bus routes for energy savings and carbon reduction.
doi:10.3390/app10176088 fatcat:suu57wessze6xckp5iyulghhky