Friction law for atomic-scale contact assisted by atomistic simulations [post]

Yang Wang, Jingxiang Xu, Yusuke Ootani, Nobuki Ozawa, Koshi Adachi, Momoji Kubo
2021 unpublished
Non-empirical law depicting how atomic-scale friction behaves is crucial to facilitate the practical design of tribosystems. However, progress in developing a practically usable friction law has stagnated because atomic-scale friction arises from the continuous forming and rupturing of interfacial chemical bonds and such interfacial chemical reactions are difficult to measure precisely in experiments. Here, we propose a usable friction law for atomic-scale contact by using atomistic simulations
more » ... omistic simulations to correctly measure the interfacial chemical reactions of a realistic rough surface, and confirm its applicability to predicting how atomic-scale friction varies with temperature, sliding velocity, and load.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:4uwcl6viingohdoklycwhfadja