The Curability of Lateral Curvature of the Spine

W. Adams
1868 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Sept. '9, 68.] TH BRITrSH MEDCAL YOURNAL 305 view, I incline to the doctrine that this salt is a valuable therapeutic auxiliary to other measures when we have to contend with certain forms of bronchial distress. I am sure of its capability to do good service in the proper asthenic bronchitis of old people. I claim for it no higher virtue, because I know our proneness to call any drug a :pvific which we know particularly well how to work with. I would beg special attention to the absolute
more » ... the absolute mortality of the smallest quantity of opium, and to the still more destructive effects of morphia. If a patient be teased by residual catarrhal sputa, a short mercurial course will clear it away; and after that (or even at the same time) an iron tonic will help to restore the general health. Great care must be taken at all seasons of the year that the skin is properly protected. To recapitulate: I would specify the following points as deserving notice in the clinical history and management of Acute Capillary Bronchitis: x. The extraordinary pulse and breath-ratio, and the intense dyspna. 2. The pathological origin and character of the sputum. 3. Thequasi-cyanosis ofthe skin, togetherwith the so-called "collapse." 4. The occasional indistinctness of the diagnosis from acute tubercle. S. The necessity of a supporting and alcoholic treatment.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.403.305-a fatcat:5avz4qzvffevpgziewjpqbt4da