Web3D Publishing Interior Design and Residential Collection based on WebGL Technology

Bentar Priyopradono, Fajar Antariksa Perdana
2013 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Virtual experience can expand product knowledge, influence brand attitudes, and increased the purchase, which is influenced by 3D visualization technology, this step affective reinforces the need for marketers to consider the impact of virtual experience in planning marketing tactics directly and indirectly. Currently housing marketing and interior design is done is still limited to using print media, electronic media and the use of miniatures as a means to promote housing and interior design
more » ... d interior design will be marketed. The development of Web3D technologies especially WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library) can provide the best solution that can be adopted by the housing marketing and interior design in building a marketing ploy. with the aim of introducing the product to the consumer, the consumer can see the model of housing and interior design is presented in 3D in real-time via a web browser, consumers are expected to have a simple to access information, allows consumers to imagine the results of the design of the building, so that consumers can assess visualization buildings offered, as well as stimulating the curiosity and interest of consumers. Keywords 3D Visual, Virtual Experience, WebGL, Real-Time. Web3D classified into two categories. The first category, Web3D-based model, or commonly referred to based
doi:10.5120/10596-5290 fatcat:w57rkj3zp5fqhho56jxinjt2lq