A Self‐Absorption Census of Cold HiClouds in the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey

Steven J. Gibson, A. Russell Taylor, Lloyd A. Higgs, Christopher M. Brunt, Peter E. Dewdney
2005 Astrophysical Journal  
We present a 21cm line HI self-absorption (HISA) survey of cold atomic gas within Galactic longitudes 75 to 146 degrees and latitudes -3 to +5 degrees. We identify HISA as spatially and spectrally confined dark HI features and extract it from the surrounding HI emission in the arcminute-resolution Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS). We compile a catalog of the most significant features in our survey and compare our detections against those in the literature. Within the parameters of our
more » ... h, we find nearly all previously detected features and identify many new ones. The CGPS shows HISA in much greater detail than any prior survey and allows both new and previously-discovered features to be placed into the larger context of Galactic structure. In space and radial velocity, faint HISA is detected virtually everywhere that the HI emission background is sufficiently bright. This ambient HISA population may arise from small turbulent fluctuations of temperature and velocity in the neutral interstellar medium. By contrast, stronger HISA is organized into discrete complexes, many of which follow a longitude-velocity distribution that suggests they have been made visible by the velocity reversal of the Perseus arm's spiral density wave. The cold HI revealed in this way may have recently passed through the spiral shock and be on its way to forming molecules and, eventually, new stars. This paper is the second in a series examining HISA at high angular resolution. A companion paper (Paper III) describes our HISA search and extraction algorithms in detail.
doi:10.1086/429870 fatcat:vapbfjgilja5berit2wrfl5smu