The Difference of EPDS Examination Results before and after Delivery in High-Risk Pregnant Woman at Unair Hospital

2022 Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology  
Background-Viva-voce is used mainly to test the cognitive domain and is a part of assessment process. But the reliability of the conventional viva may be affected by various factors, such as the anxiety of the candidate, inconsistency of the examiner, various situational factors. It is fraught with subjectivity and has been found to have poor validity, reliability and objectivity. 1 Objectives: -Primary : • To compare the inter-rater reliability of conventional viva and structured viva among
more » ... year MBBS students. Secondary • To explore the perceptions of the students and teachers regarding the conventional and structured viva. Materials and Methods: The study was approved by IEC, MVJMC & RH. The study subjects were 130 students of III year part 1 who gave consent for the study. The process of structured viva and conventional viva was explained to the faculty and the students. Each student had to undergo conventional viva and structured viva for a topic to all the four examiners. Structured Viva-10 sets of questions were set which was used by all the examiners. They were 1 mark and 2 marks each. (Recall = 4 marks, reasoning = 6 marks). Each student picked up any one viva card by lottery method and the time given was 5 minutes. Results: The scores awarded for viva were analyzed and reliability factor was calculated using Cronbach alpha. The conventional viva had 0.5 α and structured viva had 0.8 α .Feedback about the viva processes was collected both from the students and the faculty by focus group discussions. Feedback -Faculty found conventional viva easier to conduct but they agreed that assessment may not be fair. They found structured viva reduces bias and assessment is fair but monotonous and lot of prior work. Students found structured viva fairer than the conventional viva.
doi:10.37506/ijfmt.v16i2.17952 fatcat:blasaunlgzbahjuhbej7uakc2e