The effect of strain rate on the impact strength of the high-Mn steel

A. Śmiglewicz, M. B. Jabłońska
2015 Metalurgija  
In the paper, results of impact bending tests of a high-manganese steel of Fe – 30 wt.%, Mn – 9 wt.%, Al – 0,65 wt.%, C grade are presented. The tests were carried out using a flywheel machine, suitable for dynamic stretching and impact bending tests in the range of linear velocity of the forcing element from 5 ÷ 40 m/s. The obtained test results were compared with the results of impact resistance of the studied steel determined using Charpy machine. Structural investigations were carried out
more » ... ing scanning transmission electron microscopy. Surfaces of fractures formed in the break point during bending tests were analyzed, and they indicate a presence of mixed transcrystalline fractures with a predominance of plastic fractures.
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