Further Upgrade Measures at New GSI cw-Linac Demonstrator Setup

Manuel Heilmann, Michael Amberg, Kurt Aulenbacher, Winfried Barth, Markus Basten, Florian Dziuba, Viktor Gettmann, Sascha Mickat, Maksym Miski-Oglu, Holger Podlech, Ulrich Ratzinger, Malte Schwarz (+6 others)
A new continuous wave (cw) linac is required to deliver high intensity heavy ion beams for Super Heavy Element (SHE) future experiments at GSI Darmstadt, Germany. The presented upgrade measures are dedicated to improve the performance of the cw demonstrator setup. The key component is a cryomodule comprising a superconducting (sc) 217 MHz Crossbar-H-mode (CH) cavity surrounded by two sc 9.3T solenoids with compensation coils. The solenoid coil is made of a Nb3Sn wire; and the compensation coils
more » ... compensation coils at both ends of the solenoid comprises NbTi wires. The distance between solenoid lense and CH cavity has to be optimized for ideal beam matching as well as for a minimum rest field inside the cavity below the critical magnetic field. The GSI High Charge State (HLI) injector has to deliver a heavy ion beam with an energy of 1.4 MeV/u. Longitudinal matching to the demonstrator is provided by two 10⁸.4 MHz cw room temperature λ/4 re-buncher cavity installed behind the HLI. In this paper electromagnetic simulations of the field optimization for the solenoids and the re-buncher cavities will be presented as well as first beam experiments at the beam transport line to the demonstrator cavity.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2016-mopoy022 fatcat:kmkt6xewrzfi7gijsoel5uaiki