Transmedia narrative and cognitive perception of TVE's drama series El Ministerio del Tiempo [report]
Narrativa transmedia y percepción cognitiva en El Ministerio del Tiempo (TVE)

S Sanchez Castillo, E Galán
2016 unpublished
S Sánchez Castillo [CV] [ ORCID] [ GS] Universidad de Valencia / University of Valencia (Spain) E Galán [CV] [ ORCID] [ GS] Universitat Jaume I Castelló / Jaume I University of Castelló (Spain) Abstract Introduction: This article analyses TVE"s drama series El Ministerio del tiempo to determine whether greater knowledge about this TV series, and the use of social networks and multimedia resources influence viewers" perception of the series. Methods: The
more » ... ies. Methods: The analysis is based on the information provided by 124 viewers through a questionnaire based on a character identification scale. Results: It was concluded that greater knowledge of the TV series and the use of transmedia storytelling increases viewers' identification with the series" fictional characters, although this only applies in the items with greater emotional or sentimental charge. Discussion: The results indicate that the findings are not applicable to the cognitive evaluation of the most loyal viewers of the series. Conclusions: Based on the results, it can be affirmed that transmedia contents influence viewers" rational and emotional responses. Prior knowledge of the series and the use of transmedia storytelling extend the relationship between viewers and the TV series beyond occasional enjoyment.
doi:10.4185/rlcs-2016-1107en fatcat:44wzqv5m3jb2ng4tyvpygaomdi