Influence of complexation on the composition of equilibrium phases in the system of Ce2(SO4)3-La2(SO4)3

Maria Milanova, Dimitar Todorovsky, Christo Balarew, Natalia Minkova, Katya Ivanova
2007 Open Chemistry  
AbstractThe cocrystallization of Ce2(SO4)3 and La2(SO4)3 is studied in aqueous and H2SO4 (150 g/dm3) solutions at 25 °C and 64 °C. The effect of the formation of inner sphere sulfate complexes of the type LnSO 4+ in determining the composition of the equilibrium phases is revealed.
doi:10.2478/s11532-006-0060-y fatcat:j2jgdnei5nafvlfnwwynigqg3i