Measurement of isolated photon production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA

Katharina Muller
Results are presented on the production of isolated photons ep → e + γ + X in deep inelastic scattering with a four-momentum transfer squared of 4 < Q 2 < 150 GeV 2 , inelasticity y > 0.05 and a mass of the hadronic system WX > 50 GeV. Isolated photons are selected in the range 3 < E γ T < 10 GeV and pseudorapidity range −1.2 < η γ < 1.8. The cross sections, both inclusive and for events with zero or at least one additional jet, are measured with the H1 detector at the electron-proton collider
more » ... ERA. The analysis is based on a total integrated luminosity of 227 pb −1 . The measurements are compared to MC predictions and to a LO calculation. Both approaches underestimate the observed signal, particularly in the low Q 2 domain.
doi:10.3204/proc07-01/175 fatcat:ab6dzv26tfgzjo45aoecv272lm