Amphiglossa foliosa (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae, Relhaniinae), a new species from southern Namaqualand, South Africa

J.C. Manning, N.A. Helme
2014 South African Journal of Botany  
Amphiglossa foliosa J.C.Manning & N.A. Helme is a new species endemic to the greater Knersvlakte between Nuwerus and Klawer in Western Cape. It is diagnosed by its sprawling, laxly leafy stems with relatively large, oblanceolate leaves 8-15 × (2-) 3-7 mm, thinly tomentose bracts, the inner with dark, wine-red apical appendages, and the relatively numerous florets, 9 to 12 per capitulum. It is most likely to be confused with Amphiglossa celans from coastal Namaqualand between Garies and
more » ... Garies and Kotzesrus, which shares the strongly bicoloured involucres but has distinctive, wiry, strongly flexuose branches with divaricately spreading flowering branchlets, linear or narrowly elliptic leaves mostly 3-8 × 1.5 mm, densely tomentose involucres with the outer bracts joined together by matted hairs, and 5 florets per capitulum.
doi:10.1016/j.sajb.2014.01.012 fatcat:auylgmbxfvbyxexhw4rlopo674