The Maximum Demand Power Reduction of Small Industrial Factory based on Microgrid
마이크로그리드를 기반으로 한 중소 산업용수용가의 최대수요전력 저감방안

Hong-Soon Chang, Cherl-Jin Kim, Sang-Won Park
2017 The Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers P  
Recently, the power consumption of industrial consumer has increased rapidly, causing problems such as lack of power reserve margin in summer and winter, and therefore there is a growing need for maximum demand power management to consumers. In this paper, we studied small microgrid system consisting of battery ESS and photovoltaic power system, applied to small and medium sized factories to reduce the maximum demand power of daily industrial power load. To verify the validity of the study, we
more » ... imulated a small microgrid system using Matlab/Simulink software. As a result of applying the simulation to small and medium sized plants that consume a lot of power, it is confirmed that there is a 13% reduction in demand compared to the existing maximum demand power. This result is expected to contribute to the improvement of the power reserve margin.
doi:10.5370/kieep.2017.66.1.007 fatcat:iyvcvu7oxje6xobozhkikfol2q