Safer Sodium Battery: Thermal and electrochemical studies of Na-ion based batteries

Ijaz Ul Mohsin, Carlos Ziebert, Magnus Rohde, Hans Jürgen Seifert
In the recent decade, the community emphasizes the crucial need for the improvement of battery safety and safety remains a critical barrier for this technology. Despite safer battery materials, battery thermal management could be a key to safer post Lithium technology. In that respect, sodium ion based batteries were studied using different electrolyte routes. Thermo-physical and electrochemical analyses depicted the performance of the battery material and the coin cell characteristics. The
more » ... ty related parameters including the heat generation during charging-discharging and thermal abuse test have been executed by the means of sophisticated calorimetry instruments. Quantitative measurement of the thermal data was performed, and out-gasing during thermal decomposition of the electrolytes has been analysed in order to design a safer battery. This work helps finding new and quantitative correlations between different critical thermal and safety related issues in future post Li batteries. The determined thermal data, gas compositions and safety parameters on coin cell level are needed for the design of a safer battery, the safe upscaling and for the adaptation of the thermal management system.
doi:10.5445/ir/1000127651 fatcat:ddvxrb2tdfesldj7s5j3k33rmy