Deformable registration for image-guided radiation therapy

David Sarrut
2006 Zeitschrift für Medizinische Physik  
Purpose. In this paper, we review several applications of deformable registration algorithms in the field of image-guided radiotherapy. Materials and methods. We first describe the input and output of deformable registration algorithms. Section 3 is dedicated to a brief review of common methods. Several examples of the use of deformable registration are reviewed in section 4(some equations are given in appendix A). The first four sets of examples deal with intrapatient registration: two
more » ... are dedicated to inter-fraction registration (time interval between images in the order of several days), and the other two sections with intra-fraction registration (displacement during image acquisition or patient treatment, mainly due to respiratory movement; time interval in the order of several tenths of seconds). The last examples (section 4.5) focus on inter-patient registration. Conclusion. Deformable registration has increasing applications in radiotherapy. Extensive validation of the numerous existing methods is required before extending its clinical use. Nevertheless, deformable registration is already a fundamental image analysis tool for radiotherapy, and will probably be included into all treatment planning systems in the near future.
doi:10.1078/0939-3889-00327 pmid:17216754 fatcat:bvpgfawz35ezllqwzcwo25dw7u