Pilot scale studies in a fluidized bed for studying influence of distributor design in bed hydrodynamics

Raveendra Kelkar, T Sudhakar, Sashi Kumar, S Rao, K Guha, & Sarkar
2016 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology   unpublished
Experiments in fluidized bed have been carried out with various designs of multi-cone distributor to study the change in hydrodynamic behaviour in a fluidized bed. An empirical model for the distributor pressure drop (empty bed) has been proposed based on experimental data. This equation will be helpful in diagnosing the clogged distributors. An aspect ratio of 1.8 (height of bed at U=0 / diameter of bed) or higher is found to avoid channeling and maintain bubbling fluidization. Also a smooth
more » ... crease in " b bed empty d P P ∆ ∆ , " with superficial gas velocity has been identified to represent the condition of uniform fluidization. This parameter was able to differentiate channeling and high expansion in the fluidized bed.