ARC and ASN Submission to CERD Committee for Fifth to Ninth Periodic Reports of Ireland [article]

Abortion Rights Campaign, Abortion Support Network
In order for Ireland to meet its obligations to guarantee "the right to public health, medical care, social security and social services," the State must do more to affirm, protect and vindicate the right to abortion, especially for those whose access to health care is undermined by racial discrimination. 1 This report elaborates on abortion as a critical element of ethnic minority and migrant women's health, one of the areas highlighted in the Alternative Civil Society Report submitted by the
more » ... rish Network Against Racism, describing barriers in Irish abortion law and service provision that interfere with the human rights guaranteed by CERD. 2
doi:10.7486/dri.gt550d829 fatcat:v3hfz4vyvrgfjnjfmebs36aj7q