Cloud Latency: A Cloud Based Latency Checking System for the Developers

Arun Kumar, P L, Mr Kumar, R Tech
International Journal of Advanced Networking & Applications   unpublished
Now a days, the cloud platform plays a very important roles in development environment to implement various applications over servers. The developer should to know the latency to select appropriate server which in turn takes less time and perform the task very quickly. The main objective of this paper is to help the developers to check the latency of Amazon web services (AWS). By knowing the latency of perfect web server it helps the developers in selecting the particular server for their
more » ... ver for their development of applications on cloud based system. It also helps the developers to optimize their services and solutions. Amazon has web server in different countries So, the latency also vary based on various locations of the Amazon servers. In the proposed system we finding the latency of servers based on the parameters such as region name, location of the server and endpoint of the service. Hence, the low latency is one of the main performance parameter for performance optimization in the cloud environment for the developers.