Diffusion in a model metallic glass: Heterogeneity and ageing

H. R. Schober
2004 Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP  
We report results of molecular dynamics simulations of a binary Lennard-Jones system at zero pressure in the undercooled liquid and glassy states. We first follow the evolution of diffusivity and dynamic heterogeneity with temperature and show their correlation. In a second step we follow the ageing of a quenched glass. As diffusivity decreases with ageing, heterogeneity increases. We conclude that the heterogeneity is a property of the inherent diffusion of the relaxed state. The variations
more » ... . The variations with ageing time can be explained by annealing of quenched defect structures. This annealing has the same decay constants for both diffusivity and heterogeneity of both components.
doi:10.1039/b403557g fatcat:io7dtqzfercazfsrfc65sbw2ei