Denominational switching: a Filipino experience [article]

Irene Ann Smolik, University Of Calgary, University Of Calgary, Merlin B. Brinkerhoff
Denominational switching has been a topic of interest, in the Sociology of Religion, since the well-known publication, "American Piety" by Stark and Glock (1968) . This research project takes a look at this phenomenon outside of North America. It examines this phenomenon in the Philippines. Specifically, it looks at individuals who have left Catholicism for one of four "evangelical" denominations; The Assembly of God, The Mormons, The Southern Baptist, and The Jesus Fellowship. The study
more » ... is Davao City, on the southern island of Mindanao. Three hundred and twenty respondents took part in the research project. Using a unique "quasi-experimental" design, and applying ANOVA and multivariate analysis to the data, it examines the consequences of denominational switching for three broad hypotheses. The focus examines the effects upon the Switcher's Religiosity, Worldview, and Social Self, as compared to the Catholic denominational group. The overall conclusions are that Switchers are indeed more religious, and have a stronger social self. The hypothesis that Switchers would have a more liberal worldview was not supported. Findings emerge which lead to the conclusion that denomination does make a difference! Not only were statistically significant differences observed between Catholic and Switcher, but also between the destination denominations.
doi:10.11575/prism/23735 fatcat:3sd3bis5djd5jll2bqaz6dmfha