Original Article Expression of O 6-methylguanine DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) and its clinical significance in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasm

Qiu-Chen Yang, Yu-Hong Wang, Yuan Lin, Ling Xue, Yuan-Jia Chen, Min-Hu Chen, Jie Chen
2014 Int J Clin Exp Pathol   unpublished
O 6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) is a widespread DNA repair enzyme defending against mutation caused by guanine O 6-alkylating agents. Until now, we know only little about the expression of MGMT in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasm (GEP-NEN). To study the expression of MGMT and its clinical significance in GEP-NEN, 174 specimens of GEP-NEN were examined, of which 152 specimens came from The. MGMT protein was detected with EnVision immunohistochemical staining method.
more » ... linicopathological factors were also collected and analyzed. We observed that the overall expression rate of MGMT was 83.9%. Over expression of MGMT protein was not associated with sex, age, functional status, primary tumor location, grading, classification, TNM stage and metastasis (P > 0.05). Kaplan-Meier analysis revealed that there was no significant difference in survival between MGMT-positive and MGMT-negative tumors of GEP-NEN patients (χ 2 = 0.887, P = 0.346). In multivariate analyses carried out by Cox proportional hazards regression model, MGMT expression was also not an independent predictors of survival. These results demonstrated that MGMT protein was highly expressed in GEP-NEN. MGMT deficiency rate was similar in pancreatic NEN and in gastrointestinal NEN. MGMT expression was not correlated with prognosis of GEP-NEN.