TRIPLE Deliverable: D7.2 Intermediate Report on Exploitation and Sustainability Strategy

Gert Breitfuss, Stefaine Pohle, Emilie Blotiere, Yin Chen, Matti Heikkurinen, Suzanne Dumouchel, Clara Petitfils, Maxime Bouillard, Eelco Ferwerda, Arnaud Roi
2020 Zenodo  
Within the present report, we provide an intermediate status of TRIPLE's exploitation and sustainability strategy. Our main focus is to create a valuable and viable business model for TRIPLE platform that is sustainable beyond the project end. We give an update on our general exploitation strategy (individual and joint exploitation) including intellectual property rights (IPR) management, as well as a detailed insight into our sustainable business model considerations. Besides the research
more » ... itation (re-utilisation of the research know-how) and the technological exploitation (re-utilisation of the technological know-how) we put our main focus on the exploitation of the discovery platform, which is called "GOTRIPLE". A survey among the project partners shows that there is a high willingness to contribute to any kind of business operation activities for GOTRIPLE after the project ends. Many partners are also prepared to participate in various roles in a future operating organisation for GOTRIPLE. Within the sustainable business model section, we first analysed the suitability of the business model pattern "Platform Business Model" for GOTRIPLE. The analysis shows that the (multi-sided) platform characteristics can act as a blueprint for a sustainable GOTRIPLE business model. From an in-depth competition analysis on organisational and financial aspects, we gained important insights regarding the future TRIPLE organisation/governance model and potential revenue sources. Since GOTRIPLE will be one of three OPERAS Research Infrastructure (RI) services, we started our governance model reflections with a close look at TRIPLE in the context of OPERAS. Besides basic considerations regarding needs and expectations for a suitable governance model, we proposed three different bodies, a Strategic Committee (SC) which is dedicated to business sustainability, a Data & Tool Committee (DTC) which is dedicated to the technical and editorial maintenance of GOTRIPLE and a User Engagement Committee (UEC) which embod [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4322823 fatcat:gayit6me7jb57k7sb5eppgjgdy