Measurement Differences, Faults and Instabilities in Intelligent Energy Systems – Part 1: Identification of Overhead High-Voltage Broadband over Power Lines Network Topologies by Applying Topology Identification Methodology (TIM)

2016 Trends in Renewable Energy  
This first paper considers the identification of the structure of overhead high-voltage broadband over power lines (OV HV BPL) network topologies by applying the best L1 Piecewise Monotonic data Approximation (best L1PMA) to measured OV HV BPL transfer functions. Even if measurement differences occur during the determination of an OV HV BPL transfer function, the corresponding OV HV BPL network topology may be revealed through the curve similarity of the best L1PMA result compared with the
more » ... able records of the proposed OV HV BPL transfer function database. The contribution of this paper is triple. First, based on the inherent piecewise monotonicity of OV HV BPL transfer functions, best L1PMA is first applied during the determination of theoretical and measured OV HV BPL transfer functions. Second, the creation procedure of the OV HV BPL network topology database is demonstrated as well as the curve similarity performance metric (CSPM). Third, the accuracy of the proposed Topology Identification Methodology (TIM) is examined in comparison with the traditional TIM with respect to the nature of the measurement differences during the determination of OV HV BPL transfer functions.
doi:10.17737/tre.2016.2.3.0026 fatcat:itqden6dvnellkp4lm2z6mkadq