An Investigation of Parametric Load Leveling Control Methodologies for Resistive Heaters in Smart Grids

Lee Holland, H. Bora Karayaka, Martin L. Tanaka, Aaron Ball
2014 2014 Sixth Annual IEEE Green Technologies Conference  
The main goal in this study is to demonstrate that load leveling with demand side management in smart grids can be achieved to reduce peak power consumption while maintaining residential room temperatures at a comfortable level. A prototype enclosure was built and equipped with a heater and thermal measuring equipment. Data was collected during a 17 hour temperature regulation experiment using a traditional on-off (bangbang) controller similar to those commonly used for residential heating
more » ... ol. A second order mathematical model was utilized to estimate the net thermal resistances and capacitances using system identification techniques at two different temperature set points. The enclosure system was used to determine if peak power could be reduced by slowly varying loads utilizing a different type of controller. Two different linear control techniques (using K-Factor and PI approaches) and the associated power electronics circuitry were implemented and tuned. Both controller systems successfully leveled the load and reduced the peak power demand.
doi:10.1109/greentech.2014.15 fatcat:vqlwyf7yzze5rlcjednyqeblpu