Metallic nanoformulations: Green synthetic approach for advanced drug delivery

Afreen Usmani 1, Pragyandip P Dash 2, Anuradha Mishra 1
2018 Materials Science: Advanced Composite Materials  
An important reason for investigation using plants for nanotechnological research is due to their easy availability as well as applications in various ailments. Silver nanoformulation can be synthesized using whole plant extract or bioactive of that particular plant. In addition, plant extracts or bioactive of the plant may act both as reducing agents and stabilizing agents in the synthesis process of nanoformulation. The therapeutic effect of plant extract is hindered because of its
more » ... , poor solubility, and low bioavailability. So, nowadays, researches have been carried out for improving all these properties including sustainability through silver nanotechnological approach. The major advantage of green synthesis using plant extracts is that, organic solvents and other excipients are not used because the plant phytochemicals are involved directly in the reduction of the ions and formation of silver nanoparticles. The present review provides an updated knowledge on mechanism of green synthesis of silver nanoparticle and their mechanism of action as antibacterial and anticancer activities.
doi:10.18063/msacm.v2i1.729 fatcat:utlvupaznjbkblmwiya3rvkql4