Pathway mapping and development of disease-specific biomarkers: protein-based network biomarkers

Hao Chen, Zhitu Zhu, Yichun Zhu, Jian Wang, Yunqing Mei, Yunfeng Cheng
2015 Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine  
It is known that a disease is rarely a consequence of an abnormality of a single gene, but reflects the interactions of various processes in a complex network. Annotated molecular networks offer new opportunities to understand diseases within a systems biology framework and provide an excellent substrate for network-based identification of biomarkers. The network biomarkers and dynamic network biomarkers (DNBs) represent new types of biomarkers with protein-protein or gene-gene interactions
more » ... can be monitored and evaluated at different stages and time-points during development of disease. Clinical bioinformatics as a new way to combine clinical measurements and signs with human tissue-generated bioinformatics is crucial to translate biomarkers into clinical application, validate the disease specificity, and understand the role of biomarkers in clinical settings. In this article, the recent advances and developments on network biomarkers and DNBs are comprehensively reviewed. How network biomarkers help a better understanding of molecular mechanism of diseases, the advantages and constraints of network biomarkers for clinical application, clinical bioinformatics as a bridge to the development of diseases-specific, stage-specific, severityspecific and therapy predictive biomarkers, and the potentials of network biomarkers are also discussed.
doi:10.1111/jcmm.12447 pmid:25560835 pmcid:PMC4407592 fatcat:bm6le6xdffggdcbcdbxg5b4ide