Odkrywanie świadomości religijnej w literaturze emigracji rosyjskiej pierwszej fali (o powieści Druga miłość Wasilija Janowskiego)

Patryk Witczak
2019 Acta Polono-Ruthenica  
Vasily Yanovsky belongs to the younger generation of the first wave of Russian emigration. In his works, he combined the traditions of 19th-century Russian realism as well as the tendencies of Western literature in Europe. The article is an analysis of Yanovsky's story The Second Lovein which the author shows the life in Paris from a Russian exile's perspective. The writer gives an account of a dramatic decline in moral values in the face of poverty and loneliness by making refer-ence to the
more » ... efer-ence to the poetics of naturalism and the genre of so-called "human document". The Orthodox faith in Yanovsky's story becomes a source of hope for an emigrant's survival.
doi:10.31648/apr.4873 fatcat:tceo6ihxqnhu3fl7aofge5rc7q