Recent Progress in Surgery

1897 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
likely, however, that the polypoid mass originated with some shred of membrane or clot of blood, rather thau an ordinary fibrous growth indepeudent of the puerperal state. The secoud question relates to treatment. Is it advisable to explore the cavity of the uterus in every case when we know that small fragments of the placenta or membrane are left behind? Usually I would follow the conservative plan of trustiug nature to expel them ; but, on the slightest provocation, either by reason of
more » ... hage or suspicion of sepsis, the uterine cavity should be explored and made clean as possible, in accordance with modem antiseptic methods. EXPERIMENTAL RhSCLTS WITH ANTISTKKPTOCOCCIC SERUM. Petruschky ' reports that his experiments with cultures of streptococci aud an antistreptococcic serum sent to him by Marmorek have not obtained the same promising results which that investigator reported. In the first place, he found that a dose stated by Mar-morek to be absolutely fatal killed his rabbits only 1 Rose:
doi:10.1056/nejm189708121370706 fatcat:dpoag7ag4zehtflxanfbrsw2r4