Are medical record front page data suitable for risk adjustment in hospital performance measurement? Development and validation of a risk model of in-hospital mortality after acute myocardial infarction

Chaoqun Wu, Danwei Zhang, Xueke Bai, Tiannan Zhou, Yongfei Wang, Zhenqiu Lin, Guangda He, Xi Li
2021 BMJ Open  
ObjectivesTo develop a model of in-hospital mortality using medical record front page (MRFP) data and assess its validity in case-mix standardisation by comparison with a model developed using the complete medical record data.DesignA nationally representative retrospective study.SettingRepresentative hospitals in China, covering 161 hospitals in modelling cohort and 156 hospitals in validation cohort.ParticipantsRepresentative patients admitted for acute myocardial infarction. 8370 patients in
more » ... . 8370 patients in modelling cohort and 9704 patients in validation cohort.Primary outcome measuresIn-hospital mortality, which was defined explicitly as death that occurred during hospitalisation, and the hospital-level risk standardised mortality rate (RSMR).ResultsA total of 14 variables were included in the model predicting in-hospital mortality based on MRFP data, with the area under receiver operating characteristic curve of 0.78 among modelling cohort and 0.79 among validation cohort. The median of absolute difference between the hospital RSMR predicted by hierarchical generalised linear models established based on MRFP data and complete medical record data, which was built as 'reference model', was 0.08% (10th and 90th percentiles: −1.8% and 1.6%). In the regression model comparing the RSMR between two models, the slope and intercept of the regression equation is 0.90 and 0.007 in modelling cohort, while 0.85 and 0.010 in validation cohort, which indicated that the evaluation capability from two models were very similar.ConclusionsThe models based on MRFP data showed good discrimination and calibration capability, as well as similar risk prediction effect in comparison with the model based on complete medical record data, which proved that MRFP data could be suitable for risk adjustment in hospital performance measurement.
doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2020-045053 pmid:33837102 fatcat:zecmydr7yjgd7ilotafp3el2fe