Visible and Invisible Bulgarian Heritage (One research under the Bulgarian Heritage published on the Web)

Eugenia Kovatcheva
2013 Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage   unpublished
This paper dials with presentations of the Bulgarian Cultural and Historical Heritage in the Cyberspace. The study was taking place at the Information management course with bachelor students in Information Technologies , Information Brokerage and Information Security-at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies. The students describe about 300 different objectives-cultural and historical, material and immaterial. 1 Introduction Nowadays the Internet presentation it is the
more » ... entation it is the fastest way for advertisement and to share information. How the cultural and historical heritage objects are presented in the cyber space, what kind of web sites are the most attractive to share these pieces of history and culture. These are a part of the questions of presented study. We should keep our heritage, preserve it and publicize. The possibilities for presentation increase each day from technological point of view: from static to dynamic and from text base only to the full multimedia and interactive sites. Of course the style of the websites depends of its purposes: officials, touristic or amateurs. In current research main goal is to be identified the official web sites of Bulgarian heritage objectives-cultural and historical, material and immaterial. 2 Background The course for bachelor students in the Information management at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies is a core course in Information Security and Information brokerage and elective course for the Information technologies students. There enrolled students were more than 100 for the academic year 2012-2013. One of the goals of the course Information management is to develop students' skills in the describing, structuring and creating the ontologies for the any kind of information. The activities used in the course are selected according these skills. It is face-to-face course but supported with the Learning Management System-MOODLE. The learning recourses and tasks are published there.