Karakterisasi Mikrobia Rizosfer asal Tanaman Ginseng Jawa (Talinum triangulare) berdasarkan Gen Ribosomal 16S rRNA dan 18S rRNA

Alimuddin Ali, Herlina Rante
The rhizosphere is a biologically active zone of the soil around plant roots that contains soil-borne microbes including bacteria and fungi. The microbes were isolated from rhizosphere soil roots of Java ginseng. The population of microbes was estimated by plate count method. The isolates were identified based on a great variety of morphological, and cultural characteristics. The total of rhizosphere soil microbe population were 20.91(106 cfu.g−1soils) and showed that 12 isolates of bacteria,
more » ... isolates of actinomycetes, and 10 isolates of fungi which were found in all of soil samples. The molecular analysis of the ribosomal genes showed that the bacterial isolate, actinomycetes and fungi were closely related to of Staphylococcus sp. DGM (JF923460), Streptomyces avidinii (EU593640) and fungi Aspergillus niger (HQ379853), respectively. Key words: rhizosphere, Java ginseng, 16S rRNA gene, 18S rRNA gene
doi:10.31957/jbp.552 fatcat:2lg6dqrjuvgbxczqdv2hvd5rcy