Roller chain conveyor link failure Analysis & optimization

Kale, R Navthar
2015 International Engineering Research Journal   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO Roller conveyor chains are mostly preferred in production or assembly lines to transport goods as a material handling system. Roller chains have to deal with different environment conditions, chemicals. This causes wear and tear of components of chains and hence unexpected failure and costly production. A conveyor consists of two or more endless strands of chain with attached non interlocking slats or metal flights to carry the material. Other examples are conveying pallets,
more » ... ing pallets, tree-stumps or even whole cars. Wheeled cars, for example, can be carried by the chain but can also be pulled by the chain. In resent work I have studied the different failures of roller conveyor chain links under different loading conditions using Mild Steel. In chain conveyor system motor capacity of conveyor depends on the weight of chain. It was determined that maximum amount of weight of chain conveyor is covered by outer link and inner link. We concentrated on both link and weight reduction of link by using composite material (Glass Fiber & Carbon Fiber) to reduces the power requirement of conveyor.