Higgs effects in top anti-top production near threshold in e + e − annihilation

M. Beneke, A. Maier, J. Piclum, T. Rauh
2015 Nuclear Physics B  
The completion of the third-order QCD corrections to the inclusive top-pair production cross section near threshold demonstrates that the strong dynamics is under control at the few percent level. In this paper we consider the effects of the Higgs boson on the cross section and, for the first time, combine the third-order QCD result with the third-order P-wave, the leading QED and the leading non-resonant contributions. We study the size of the different effects and investigate the sensitivity
more » ... te the sensitivity of the cross section to variations of the top-quark Yukawa coupling due to possible new physics effects.
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2015.07.034 fatcat:om46gd2s5ngg7pfr75ixdrexry