Investigation of Iron Vanadates for Simultaneous Carbon Soot Abatement and NH3-SCR

Marzia Casanova, Sara Colussi, Alessandro Trovarelli
2018 Catalysts  
FeVO 4 and Fe 0.5 Er 0.5 VO 4 were prepared and loaded over standard Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) supports based on TiO 2 -WO 3 -SiO 2 (TWS) and redox active supports like CeO 2 and CeZrO 2 with the aim of finding a suitable formulation for simultaneous soot abatement and NH 3 -SCR and to understand the level of interaction between the two reactions. A suitable bi-functional material was identified in the composition FeVO 4 /CeZrO 2 where an SCR active component is added over a redox
more » ... ve support, to increase carbon oxidation properties. The influence of the presence of ammonia in soot oxidation and the effect of the presence of soot on SCR reaction have been addressed. It is found that the addition of NO and NO/NH 3 mixtures decreases at different levels the oxidation temperature of carbon soot, while the presence of carbon adversely affects the NH 3 -SCR reaction by increasing the oxidation of NH 3 to NO, thus lowering the NO removal efficiency.
doi:10.3390/catal8040130 fatcat:aklg5fmmbfhj3cy7isvtfudeom