Evaluation Model of Remote Sensing Satellites Cooperative Observation Capability

Zhonggang Zheng, Qingmei Li, Kun Fu
2021 Remote Sensing  
This paper proposed a new remote sensing observation capability evaluation model (RSOCE) based on analytic hierarchy process to quantitatively evaluate the capability of multi-satellite cooperative remote sensing observation. The analytic hierarchical process model is a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis of systematic decision analysis method. According to the objective of the remote sensing cooperative observation mission, we decompose the complex problem into several levels
more » ... nd a number of factors, compare and calculate various factors in pairs, and obtain the combination weights of different schemes. The model can be used to evaluate the observation capability of resource satellites. Taking the optical remote sensing satellites, such as China's resource satellite series and GF-4, as examples, this paper verifies and evaluates the model for three typical tasks: point target observation, regional target observation, and moving target continuous observation. The results show that the model can provide quantitative reference and model support for comprehensive evaluation of the collaborative observation capability of remote sensing satellites.
doi:10.3390/rs13091717 fatcat:j4i5juh23rfx7nnu6xi4h4ytwi