A Study on Behaviors of Local Government With the Poverty Alleviation Program: Based on the Practice Review of Wulong County

Shucai Fu
2015 unpublished
Mankind's development process is characterized by a constant fight with poverty. Up till now, over 1.2 billion people are living under the poverty line and suffered from the threat of subsistence. Poverty is still one of the most severe challenges confronting the world, therefore, how to get rid of poverty has become an arduous task which requires common efforts throughout the world. Chinese government has always attached great importance to anti-poverty ,and during this process,we have
more » ... remarkable results which attracted worldwide attention and made great contributions to global poverty alleviation. Entering into a new historic stage,we are facing a series of challenges like a huge poor population, weak foundation for development, serious re-poverty, high degree of poverty and so on, therefore, it is inevitable to enhance poverty alleviation so as to realize the magnificent object of completely eliminating impoverishment. Local government, an actual organizer, executor, and a manager, play an important role in this battle. In other words, its behavior will decide whether poverty alleviation is successful or not. Therefore, a study on behaviors of local governments with the poverty alleviation program is of realistic significance. With behaviors of local government as entry point and Wulong County of Chongqing as research object, this thesis comprises the following four aspects: Firstly, to define several main core concepts; secondly, to dig out the motive of the poverty alleviation program; thirdly, to straighten out tendency and experience of the program; fourthly, to put forward strategies and methods in terms of the program.