2022 Selçuk Üniversitesi Selçuklu Araştırmaları Dergisi  
During the Prut War between the Ottoman Empire and Russia, Grand Vizier Baltaci Mehmet Pasha was appointed as Serdar-i Ekrem in February 1711. The Ottoman army was successful in the battle that started on July 18 and lasted for four days. Russian Tsar Peter I, who could not escape the war, requested peace and Baltaci Mehmed Pasha accepted this offer and the Prut Treaty was signed. Sultan Ahmed III, was also satisfied regarding the signing of the treaty. However, the failure of Tsar Peter I, who
more » ... saved himself and his soldiers to be perished, to fulfill the terms of the treaty, led to the formation of an opposition group in Istanbul against the grand vizier. If the terms of the treaty could not be implemented, Baltaci Mehmed Pasha wrote letters to Valide Gulnus Sultan, who was in the palace, in order to save himself from the likely negative situations. Because the Grand Vizier became aware of the alliance formed against him before returning to Istanbul, and even he had received threatening letters from Ahmed III. The subject of this study is the evaluation of the letters that Baltaci Mehmed Pasha wrote to save himself, impeachment process and along with the events within the framework of the Prut War. The aim of the study is to contribute to the studies on the political history of the Ottoman Empire and the history of Ottoman diplomacy and bureaucracy in the 18th century. Letters, which are among the historical documents of the Ottoman Empire, have an important place in the field of Ottoman diplomacy and bureaucracy. The letters in question in this study are evaluated in the category of private letters. Baltacı Mehmed Paşa'nın Azil Süreci ve Valide Gülnuş Sultan'a Gönderdiği Mektuplar | 163 The letters which belongs to Baltaci Mehmed Pasha and registered at State Archives Presidency's Ottoman Archives by the number BOA, TS. MA.e / 562 -2, (TSMA No: 2989/1-2), and C..SM.. / 102-5143 translated and evaluated. This article consists of four separate sections; introduction, about Baltaci Mehmed Pasha, the dismissal process of Baltaci Mehmed Pasha, and the letters Baltaci Mehmed Pasha wrote to Valide Gulnus Sultan. Based on the letters, it was tried to determine how Baltaci Mehmed Pasha evaluated the events. Some inferences have been made based on his own observations. •
doi:10.23897/usad.1067819 fatcat:wpv6iy6b3nev3pyk6phb5o7hzm