Zul Ikromi
2020 Al-Bukhari  
The trend of interpretations on Islamic texts from the Qur'an and hadiths has been increasing at the present time. but these understandings­ leading up to create polemics in the community. The case­ triggered by some religious circles who at the end explained religious sources with some limitations, either caused by insufficient understandings or misleadings in interpreting the refferences. ­This paper aims to reveal ­ the appropriate method of understanding hadiths which ­is closer to ­ the
more » ... closer to ­ the intention of the Speaker, due to the fact that there has been a very long time interval between us - as recipients of the information - with the owner of the text. The research also investigates the language used and the background situations of the hadiths. Therefore, an apppropriate methodological perspective is ­ pivotal to understand the hadiths more comprehensively.­ ­ ­This paper is a library research advantaging primarily from the book of fiqh al-Hadith using content analyses approach. The aim is to find out appropriate methods or formulas ­ in understanding the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad to bring the prophetic messages for bettter understandings and practices.
doi:10.32505/al-bukhari.v3i1.1534 fatcat:y462xfhftbco5lystfcp7hiqe4